Finaly I was able to lay my sneaky hands on Militarum Tempestus codex ( Astra Militarum is yet to come), and after long in-depth reading, I'm still not sure what to think about it. Some stuff is realy nice, but lot other is lame, even for not so great GW standards. Lack of proper proof-reading ( how typical for GW product ) is visible. Well, I may just say what I liked, and what I disliked about new stormies dex.

Good sides :

Fluff - well, it's isn't anything jaw droping, nor super cool, but overall, fluff is, well, decent enough. Also, as book is just 72 pages long, there isn't that much of it. Still, portaing sicons as brainwashed, indoctrinated from childhood, cold-blood efficient killers kinda fits the setting as whole. Few parts ( one use disposable bionics ) made me even chuckle a little.

And speaking of - medics. The are finaly 15 pts upgrade. For ****** sake, guard players been waiting so long to have usable, not overpriced medic upgrade. It's still bit lame that it's the same price that SM/DA pay for their medics, despite marines having T4, and FnP beeing a lot better rule on them, but still, I'm happy to have ability to have FnP without overpaying so damm much.

Alies - well, MT is bit wired when comes to aliances. Good thing, they aren't yet another "alies not alies" army like =I= or knights. But when I speak about their aliances beeing wired, there are actually (at least ) 4 ways to use Sicons units. One as primary detachment, one as secondary alied detachment, one as formation, and finaly ( as per WD issue 09 ) field platton of them as IG/AM elite choice ( platton of multiple units as single elite choice, only IG can do that ).

Orders - they are similar but not the same as IG ones, wich is good. After all, there is limit of orders commander can issue to his troops on battlefield . Only "rending against monsters" is bit lame, as with hot-shots helpless Stg, basicly any MC you can wound, you will wound on 6+ anyway, and almost all monsters in the game are sv 3+. Are there more than just two ( tyranfex wich have 2+ save, and c'tan shard who have T7 ) MC in the game that rending on hot-shots would made more sense ? Ofc, it's a lot diffrent matter when this comes against vechicles.

Models - well it's more matter of personal preference, but like with most GW plastic models, they look absouletly adorable. Oh, and conversion potencial is great too.

However, it's not all about sunshine and rainbooms :

Hot-shot lasgun remain unchanged - Oh how I rage about this . Biggest flaw of past ed Guard stormies was their weapon. Hot-shots do not only does not benefit from Frf!Srf! order ( despite order beeing about lasguns, and beeing renamed hot shot lasguns form hellguns ), and as GW tend to terribly overvaluse almost everthing in the game with AP3, turning so thinked marine-killers into uselessness because of cost, so does storm troopers payed so too much for their weapon, despite it beeing more hindrence than benefit. Almost all benefits of having Ap3 are wasted because of crap Str. Marines are wounded on 5+. Bikes, Plague marines, Cavalary lords are even worse, on 6+. Oh, and bikes have cover saves, so part of your expensive Ap3 is wasted too . Also, this gun have absymal range. 6" on pistol is just a joke, good luck ever useing it outside cc. And lasgun isn't any better either. To get two shots, model have to be within 9" for enemy, wich is not only hard to do with so fragile models, but also in order to use gun full ( and even then, very low ) potencial, unit have to expose themselfs to devastanig return fire and assoults. Why volley gun wich is basicly just a bit larger hot-shot lasgus CAN have Str4 and be usefull, not useless ?

Weapons pricing - meele ones to be clear. Why on earth would anyone who played this game think that guard Str 3 power weapon ( at least it's power weapon, not just power sword ) is worth 15 pts ? And power fist worth 25 ? Same price as SM one, despite SM beeing a lot better ? That's not just design flaw, that disconection with basic game reality....

Holes - I mean proof reading ( assuming there was any ) ceartainly does not do a very good job. Not that codex fell rushed, no. But there are some few wired typos in book. If one person like me was able to spot them with less than hour of reading, then it's possible to any mentaly capable reader or game designer to do at least the same, if not better. Is hireing ONE person to do that job for ONE day is realy that hard or expensive GW ?
Here are some exaples :
- warlord nr 4 speaks about warlord and his platton, despite there is no such option in tempestus dex. You can use tempestus platton as elite choice in IG/AM army, but in that case, tempestor prime may not be a warlord
- both armoury and weapon profiles make memention about heavy stubber, despite no unit in codex many take it, and it isn't on vechicle equpment list
- same goes for cammo netting

So, what are your thoughts about Militarum Tempestus codex ?