Sep 2006

Forth Biansen Assault Fighting Machine
Forth Fenirs Command Fighting Machine
Forth Fenos Fighting Machine Box Set
Forth Modules Box Set
The Forth Army Book

Though physically weak, the Forth have honed their vast intellects towards the construction of mighty fighting machines, vehicles that dominate the battlefield with powerful weaponry, creating lethal fire zones that even the toughest enemies will struggle to advance through.

With a society based upon a true democracy, every Forth has a vested interest in the future of his race, and a voice that is guaranteed to be heard. However, a new power is rising within their empire, a mysterious individual known as the Prophet, who preaches a return to the old ways of violence and tyranny, as an essential tool for survival. Vastly outnumbered by the Arachnids, and even the Federation and Hegemony, the Forth are slowly coming to embrace the teachings of the Prophet as they begin to strike out into alien space.

If you are looking for an army that can give you the ultimate flexibility in both overall structure and options within units, the Forth are for you. Each fighting machine is purchased and deployed as an individual, allowing you to create ad hoc units on the fly, or split your forces up at will. In addition to this, each fighting machine itself has a bewildering array of options, from interchangeable weapon hardpoints, to additional modules that can be tailored to specific battlefield roles. There is even justification for you to paint fighting machines in their own individual colours, as the pilots express their more atheistic talents!

Fight for a true democracy and let the galaxy tremble at the heavy footsteps of your fighting machines. The War of the Species must be won by the Forth!