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    Arhurt's conversion corner: unique models and heavy convertion work!

    Hey guys!

    You may remember me from some years back from Necron Army on a budget (and unique conversions)

    Well, as it turns out I was short on cash and had to sell my Necrons =( boo I know, I wish I'd kept them, but I really needed the cash at the time. Good news is the new codex came out and there are TONS of possible conversions now on top of a lot more kits available.

    I'm now rebuilding them on a (larger) budget. It's not more a budget really, but Making the most out of the box contents. Necrons having their alien weird tech are prone to very unique conversions so I'm creatively taking out the most bang for my buck from each spre.

    Let's check it out!

    It all starts with a plan... "How many things can I squeeze out of this kit?"

    After much planning I decided that I could squeeze quite a lot from the basic necron kits. Here was the plan at the time:

    • 2 Necron Battleforces - 2 Ghost Arks, 2 Doomsday Ark, Warriors, Immortals and Scarabs.
    • 1 Command Barge - 1 Overlord, 1 Command Barge, 1 Annihilation Barge, 2 Tomb Blades (with pieces from arks)
    • 1 box of Lychguard - Crypteks, Lords and Overlords galore.

    And so I started my evil plan. I also got a bargain off e-bay on a Monolth, several old metal wraiths and an old Battle Force, so I got enough stuff to take over the world!
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