I played my first game with wood elves last week and got 1 unit of 5 glade riders. they showed up on turn 2 and were able to kill an empire engineer right off the bat. they were then massacred by a hellblaster. however, in my next list i intend on getting 2 units of 5.

now my question is, why is ambush seen as such a detriment to this unit? with 2 units you have an 88.9% chance of at least 1 unit showing up on turn 2 and beyond. They show up behind enemy lines and are able to shoot immediately. why the insistance that this unit needs to be deployed with the rest of the army? you have wild riders, sisters of the thorn, warhawk riders, eagles, and characters on eagles that function as fast cavalry. it's great to be able to have glade riders be a unique function. am i missing something here?