Just trying to flush some SG gamers out. My group games weekly (Wednesdays) at the Whiz (Westborough, MA) and monthly at either the Whiz, the Time Machine (Manchester, CT) or Off the Wall Games (Hadley, MA). A few of us have been known to travel up to Myriad Games (Manchester, NH) for a game mid-week too.

  • We mainly play Epic Armageddon.
  • About 75% of us play Warmaster too.
  • After that, a few of us have Man o' War and Necromunda. We also have aspirations for Gorkamorka and Mordheim at some point.

We're an easy going bunch, and have plenty of armies to lend if people want to try out a game.

Finally, we have our 7th annual Epic Armageddon tournament coming up on June, 14 at the Time Machine. I have 22 potential players for that from all over the northeastern US.

There's over 1000 pics up here, along with past tournament coverage: