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    Warp Charge Cap?

    Admittedly it's too early too comp 7th edition and my group intends to play test it in its raw form for the next few months but we have concluded that while it generally appears better than 6th with a few exceptions (assault could be better for one) there is huge issue with GW's psychic phase, namely that there is no limit to how many warp charges a army can have.

    We actually like the evolution of psychic phase, if for no better reason then to clear the confusion about when to cast what power but feel what we got is bad equivalent of fantasy's own magic phase. While you could argue invisibility and the malefic table are too strong we feel the core problem is not that people can cast these powers but that they can spam them thanks to certain armies having seemingly limitless numbers of warp charges (an overstatement to be sure but when you have 6 times as many warp charges as your opponent it feels like it). You do not to have to search long online to encounter some 7th edition daemon battle reports to see the full horror of the daemon summoning army, easily having 30 more dice then their opponent within a warforged framework (it could be far worse in a unbound format). We noticed that not only does a huge difference in warp charges skew the game but it also greatly lengthens the game potentially making it impossible to finish in a reasonable time frame and reducing enjoyment generally.

    We had a chat over a beer or 2 and one thing we already thinking of implementing is a Warp Charge Cap to a maximum of 12 per turn. The benefit hopefully being that this would shorten what could otherwise be a very long (and possibly dull) phase and make it more interesting generally. We are planning to play test the new edition as it was intended first but are likely to play test a cap. We recognise that a cap would have negative consequences of its own and would in-particular have a negative impact on GK, Daemons and Eldar. We are already considering that we may need to implement work around's in the event a cap were to be introduced, such as making witchfires and unit specific powers (ie. warp quake on strike squads) cost no wp charge but rather have to pass a ld test similar to how it would have been done in 6th.

    So the question is would you implement a cap on warp charges? And if so how many do you think would be reasonable?
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