So have many people managed to get in games of 7th yet? Had my first game against a mate on Tuesday night and I have to say I enjoyed it. We decided to keep things small and quick so we stuck to 1000pts (well, 1050pts to be precise) a piece. I fielded a Battle Forged Marine army, largely unchanged from 6th, with plenty of guys in Rhinos and he fielded an Unbound Nidzilla list with lots of psykers. We played on our swanky new 4x4 desert board which features tonnes of LOS blocking terrain which really made things interesting and rolled scenario 2 on the Maelstrom Missions table (you get to draw one card for each objective you control on the table).

My marines got absolutely mulched left right and centre by Dakkafexes and Exocrines but because I had spread out in the early turns to claim as many objectives as possible I was able to maximise my chances of drawing good cards and actually managed to win 6-1 in the end.

It was a very fun game, although my rolling got pretty frustrating at times (I managed to immobilise two dozer blade Rhinos in 3 turns!), and it went pretty smoothly despite the small rules changes we had to remember.

The psychic phase was pretty uneventful due to some poor rolling and although when it did go off it was fairly killy (also, psykers being able to run/shoot after the psychic phase really changed up the dynamic of the game with regards to claiming objectives etc.). Initially I thought it might slow the game down considerably but after a few turns we were flying through it.

I can't really comment on vehicles being more survivable except that I expect my poor Landspeeders to suffer a bit due to the new jink rules until I get a few more games in.

Also being able to bring my Stormtalon on in hover mode was really handy in this game, which is funny because on reading the rule for the first time I remember thinking I'd never do that.

There were a few issues with cards and being unable to achieve the objectives ie. my opponent drew a Demolitions card but there were no buildings on the table and I drew a Recon card but we weren't playing Mysterious Objectives. I think in future a simple solution to this issue will be to simply allow a free discard if you can't fulfil the objective.

So, having played a game or two, what are your initial impressions?