Given the popularity of Warlord Games' trio of Warmaster descendants, and the rumours about big shakeups in Warhammer, and mostly because I had this typed out before Darnok closed the topic... Do you think Warmaster would see a bit of revival and popularity if Warhammer players could try it, or another version/edition, with their existing armies? Previously-typed stuff follows:

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with Warmaster it was simply the same Fantasy game with Epic's ruleset. It was a poor translation and really didn't give you anything except tiny harder to paint models.
With the rules of a different game I'm not sure it's the same game. Also, I've only played Epic: Armageddon, but I can't agree that even Epic in general was the same game; and I think the rules Warmaster did have were enough, without titans and SPGs and orbital strikes and so on. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it's a purpose built tactical mass battle game, rather than a skirmish game with an upped model count and a couple of tweaks. (or a translation of same) I know both it and Epic opened my eyes to that, even though I did get into the latter because of the titans.

Also, IMO the smaller models for both are a bit easier to paint. You need to hold 'em a bit closer to your eyes, but there's less pressure to try for any level of fancy blended or highlighted effects, and the shading and blacklining from washes and inks work a bit better at those scales, IMO. And to borrow half a thought from Daniel36, it's a little more about the mass tabletop effect.

It also sold like football bats.
Well with an attitude like that... But I can imagine something like the reverse of the Inquisitor model effect, as GW fans with growing or already sizeable 28mm armies sneer at buying 'the same' models or an entire army in a different, 'odd' scale. So to bring this even tangentially towards the original topic, even though I'm just wishlisting: I wonder that if they were going to complete 8th ed and leave it alone for a while to try out a skirmish game - for which GW fans might use their existing minis - could they go in the other direction too and knock together an updated Warmaster book or supplement - for which GW fans might use their existing minis? Might even open the eyes of a few more Warhammer players, if they can get over the fact that their characters don't get 3-4 pages of magic gewgaws...