Well here I am popping over to Warseer to check out the latest rumours and what do I see? Well aparently Chaos are in the pipeline for a new codex (possibly more than one ala space marines).

Well gee wizz, that's great for Chaos players everywhere, but what about my Dark Eldar? The poor, ugly bastard children of GW have had one codex since the beginning of 3rd ed., with a minor revision 2(?) years later, and there is still no sight of their much deserved revival.

So Chaos gets a third codex, Dark Eldar are still on version 1.5.

Seriously, how long do we have to wait before GW finally decides to give the Dark Eldar players a break? It's been what, 8 years now?

It's not as if the Dark Eldar are a crap race either. Sure the models are pretty poor on the whole, but what little background there is is great, and tactically they play like no other army in the game.

There is alot of potential for a great army here, yet it feels like GW are squandering it.