if you dont know what empire infantry is like, dont comment.
most tourny empire lists are literally all cavalry or just run a few infantry archer units as chaff.

it is true that halberdiers are decent, being one of the cheapest infantry to get S4 (because of halberd) but the other infantry is dwarfed in usefullness by them.

swordsmen are decent but not worth 1 more pt than halberds.

spearmen die by the truckload, like halberdiers, but without the invaluable S4.

greatswords are NOT elite infantry, they just happen to get Stubborn, but die very very quickly for costing exactly as much as a spearmen and a halberdier together. Unlike other elites, they lack high I, WS, s4 base, 2A, or ASF of high elves, Immune to Psych, or any other special rule that may make them seem more elite.

40 GS = 40 Spears and 40 halberds. What would you choose?

militia are garbage because of no armor, too many pts and 2 hand weapons is lame when youre ws3 and s3.

archers are good, but
handgunners and crossbowmen have limited uses and cost too much compared to other armies ranged units.

flagellants................ yeah. just sad.

so its no wonder people take ICK in huge blocks or demigryph units that can actually kill things.