Hi everyone,

Just want to start off by saying hi to everyone here... I'm a new user on the forum (long time reader of the fantasy section though). I'm hoping this is my first step into getting more involved in this community as a whole.

As the topic title states, I'm trying to get myself started with 40k right now. But I'm having a hard time deciding on what to invest my time and money on. As of right now I'm reading up on the rules in the rule book (I do have a history with WHFB, so that's making it easier for me to understand how everything works at least). And just browsing through the rulebook and looking at the GW site I've been able to narrow my choices down to three armies (I think...).

- Grey Knights (love how bulky they look and just look more "elite" then the space marines).
- Dark Angels (Deathwing Knights... just absolutely love how they look... Oh and the rest also looks pretty nice).
- Necrons (They just look very different then everything else, which is something I can appreciate).

Playstyle wise, I have no idea how they operate, nor do I have a good grasp yet of WH40K in general. I'm in no sense of the word a power gamer, but I don't like getting my ass handed to me just because I've made a poor army choice. I can be a competitive gamer, so I like a challenge.

What appeals me in an army:
- Not to many models, I don't like my models to be weak and just have hundreds of them to compensate for their low stats.
- I want an all round army, not an army that purely specializes on just one thing.
- And since I'm making the switch to 40k, I do want to be able to field vehicles! (main reason why I don't like things like Tyranids or Daemons for example).

Basically I'm hoping that people that play these armies here would be able to help me get some insight in the different aspects of these armies (strenghts, weakness, general play style, etc...). I hope this will help me make a good decision on what army to invest my time and money in.. I don't think I would go wrong with any of these, since I like all of the models, but I do think one choice would be better then the other.

I'm sorry that I feel the need to ask this question, as this has probably already been asked 10000's of times