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Thread: Character in Second Rank, Must it move to the Front Rank?

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    Character in Second Rank, Must it move to the Front Rank?

    Imagine a unit, 5 models wide, deployed like so from the start of the game...

    Front Rank is : Lord / BSB / Hero / Hero / Champion
    Second Rank is : Rank&File / Rank&File / Mage / Rank&File / Rank&File
    Third Rank is: Rank&File / Rank&File / Rank&File / Rank&File / Rank&File

    In combat, the enemy kills the Champion.


    Which model must fill the gap left by the Champion? Is it a Rank&File or is it the Mage?

    I cannot find anything in the Rules that says the Mage has to move to the Front Rank.

    The only rule is as follows...

    Warhammer Rulebook, Page 97, Characters and Units, Position in the Unit
    "When characters join a unit, they are placed in the front rank (regardless of distance). Rank-and-file models, except for the command group that must remain in the front rank, are moved to the back ranks to make room for the characters. If there is no more room in the front rank, some characters will have to go in the second rank"
    Which means the Mage can stay in the Second Rank untill enough Rank&File die that she MUST move to the Front Rank. Is that correct?

    Are there any conditions where the Mage has to move to the Front Rank other than that?
    eg. If the unit were to Combat Reform? .... could i make the unit wider frontage in Combat without moving the Mage to the Front Rank? eg. Move one Rank&File to the left front and one to the right front to make the Unit 7 wide. Is that legal?


    I am just seeking clarity on this, because i am looking at fielding a Cavalry Deathstar and i want to know the very specifics of what triggers the Mage to move to the Front Rank, because obviously i want to keep her in the Second Rank as much as is possible.
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