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Thread: Three things needed to fix Warhammer

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    Re: Three things needed to fix Warhammer

    Quote Originally Posted by theunwantedbeing View Post
    Steadfast ideally shouldn't benefit from Inspiring Presence either
    I'll just post an example:

    1. You take 20 night gobs (minimum sized, no evil aim at making the most steadfasty unit ever). But it works with any unit that is low ld, whatever the size, they just need to outrank the enemy by one.
    2. They're charged by, dunno, 5 knights. Who cares? They only need to be outranked and win by 1.
    3. Hop, the gobs are steadfast, they didn't try to be steadfast, they're minimum sized, but there you go, they outrank the knights, so they're steadfast. They are very happy, if they lose the combat, they test on unmodified Ld regardless of combat result. That's cool, like stubborn little gobs, right?
    4. They obviously lose combat, because that's what goblins usually do, unless they fight some similar kind of chaff.
    5. So they take their break test on... you allow BSB reroll? Ah, no, you don't, you said "either". So they test on Ld5. Ah, but it's unmodified Ld5!
    6. Regardless of my enthusiasm, the gobs run. Let's say you're being magnanimous and BSB reroll is allowed? They run anyway, most likely. Because, you know, rerollable Ld5. Because they get punished for being charged by a smaller unit. Ah! If they'd been only 9 strong! If the knights had been 25 strong! If only they had not outranked the enemy! Maybe they would have held thanks to IP, but being more numerous is bad, m'k?

    Solution 1) to prevent that, you have to put heroes in every unit. Supadupa awesome. MSU back, and herohammer back, and cavalry ownzor back, and chaff gone. I forgot something? Ah yeah, deathstars rule supreme, with the BSB, general, all in one nice package so that for that one time, steadfast actually works for you. I love the sound of that WFB "houserule" edition already.
    Solution 2) whevener a unit with no ranks threatens to charge them, the unit should redeploy to 1 rank, 20 wide (poor sods that don't run MSU, I pity you). Because you REALLY don't want to be steadfast, obviously. Yes I was being facetious before, if you couldn't tell.
    Solution 3) you shelve all your units that have ranks and low Ld, because they're screwed with anything that's killy and has less ranks than yours (cavalry, MC, MI, monsters, lone heroes. Woot for balance swing).
    Solution 4) For the love of Gork and Mork, enough with that ludicrous suggestion? Forbidding IP to steadfast units equals turning steadfast into a malus.

    edit: I'm going to put that post in my sig and point to it from now on, I'm fed up with typing it.
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