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Thread: So Chaotic it isn't even funny.

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    So Chaotic it isn't even funny.

    Hey, here is a 2000 point Chaos army I have written up to use next week. It will be a 2 on 2 game with the other 3 players using Skaven, Dark Elves (Could be CoS) and Dwarves (Could be all Slayers).

    I don't know who will be my teamate or who my opponents will be so I have to try to make a list that will do decently against any combination.
    Some notes on my possible opponents:
    Skaven: Likes magic alot, often will use the Screaming Bell and a Warlock or 2. Almost always has a big unit of Plague Monks led by a Plague Priest. This unit is terrifying on the battlefield, especially as I won't have any shooting to take them out with.
    Dwarves: Normally has a big unit of Ironbreakers and various warmachines, most prominantly either a Flame Cannon or Goblin Hewer. A couple units of basic Warriors, Thunderers or Xbows and a BSB are also expected.
    Dark Elves: This is the wild card; I have never seen him play his DE's before as he has only started them recently. He normally plays Chaos but I am using his models and letting him use my High Elves to proxy as their evil brethren as he doesn't have enough to make 2000 points yet. He does like Magic (normally plays Tzeentch) and I know he loves the Excecutioners.

    Now for my army: I used to play Chaos myself a few years ago, just before the Beasts of Chaos book was released IIRC. It's been a while though and I'm used to my High Elves' more....... cautious way of playing so I could use a little advice on othe list. I am a big fan of the flexibility that Undivided provides although I do favour Slaanesh of the 4 gods. I normally play a balanced list that can give me a variety of options on the battlefield, and this should help me when designing my army since I'm not exactly sure who I will be playing against.

    Army: Chaos Mortals
    Total Point: 2000


    Lord of Chaos w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Axes of Khorgor, Chaos Armour, Pendant of Slaanesh.

    Exalted Champion w/ Great Weapon, Mark of Slaanesh, Rides in Chariot

    Bray Shaman w/ Braystaff, 2 Dispel Scrolls


    14 Warriors of Chaos w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Full Command.

    15 Chosen of Chaos w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Hand Weapon, Chaos Armour, Shield, Halberd, Full Command.

    5 Knights of Chaos w/ hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Chaos Steed, Full Command.

    5 Marauder Horsemen w/ Flails, Muscican

    Chariot of Chaos w/ Mark of Slaanesh


    8 Chaos Furies

    Beast Herd w/ 6 Gors, 13 Ungors, Full Command


    Spawn of Chaos w/ Slaanesh

    The Lord will join the unit of non-Chosen Warriors to give them a big boost in combat damage and also give me two powerful blocks of infantry.
    The Exalted Champion will be mounted in the Chariot and will provide a devastating flanking force that can negate ranks.
    The Bray Shaman will join the Beast Herd and try to negate as much of the enemy magic phase as possible, although I am hoping my partner will have alot more magic defense and offense then me.
    The two Warrior units will form a solid center with the Beasts screening them from missile fire and other things that are bound to come their way.
    I'll use the Spawn to guard my one flank and with the MoS it should be able to keep up with the advance.
    The Marauders and Furies will make general nusences of themselves, taking on Warmachines, stopping marching, attacking lone wizards and flanking engaged enemies, anything that comes up.

    Well, that's about it, hopefully I'll get some helpful hints and good advice on army selection from the good Portenters, oops, Warseers

    Thank you in advance for your comments and for reading my longwinded babbling.
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