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Thread: We Who Are Hunters of Daemons - a Grey Knights Log

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    We Who Are Hunters of Daemons - a Grey Knights Log

    Hello fellow Warseer peeps.

    A long time ago,
    in an edition far far away...

    Some crazy fool painted their Grey Knights in shockingly shining gold:

    Argh, it burns!

    I don't know why. I've got no excuses. I guess I just thought that gold was cool... or something..?

    But a mere decade after the release of Codex: Daemonhunters, it was time to redeem myself!

    Into the goo

    Out of the goo

    And rebuilt with new swords (single falchions) taken from the plastic Knights box.

    Plus some spending, because apparently tanks are a thing Knights can have now.

    Silver is cool, right?
    There's even a little bit of actual grey on them now.

    The first squad finished was, of course, the beautiful Rogue Trader Terminators (they were the first Knights I bought, back when they got their 3rd edition Chapter Approved rules in White Dwarf):
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