Hello, and welcome to my project log! To kick this plog off, let's do a little Q&A session.

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Tyler. I've been a frequent forum goer for years now. One of the biggest draws for me has always been the project logs. Being able to see people's work from all over the world has been hugely helpful, inspiring, and fun! I first started wargaming around the time of the release of Games Workshop's Two Towers. I played exclusively that for a couple years before picking up 40k and Fantasy at the urging of a couple friends. After that I got into just about every game you can imagine except for Warmachine and Flames of War! I have some Infinity Nomads, Space Marines, 1/72 moderns, 1/72 WWII Germans, Space Hulk, Bolt Action Germans, Epic Space Marines, Uruk-hai, Gondorians, some 28mm Vikings, and plenty more. As you can imagine, with this many projects it seems like I get nothing done at all, which the main reason for starting this plog.

Q: Is that all you've got? You don't sound very interesting.
A: Well, what else do you want to know? I'm nineteen and currently attend college for Economics and German, so expect there to be long periods of time without updates. I don't believe I'll paint in my room but there is a store fairly close to the campus, so hopefully they have an area to paint.

Q: So you joined in 2008, but are only now starting this log. What took you so long to get your butt in gear?
A: Well, I really have no excuse. Like I said, I have so many projects going on that it seems like I make no progress at all. This is pretty discouraging so I don't paint as often as I wish I did. I'm pretty lazy, too, so that doesn't help. But neither does having friends, a job, and other interests! I'm a huge fan of music - metal mainly, as you could probably tell from my sig I also read when possible (anything fictional, and the occasional nonfiction book). I also play a good amount of video games.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Yes!

Q: The color you used for _____ is historically inaccurate. By 1943 the German army used _____ for their ____s.
A: That's not even a question! And yes, sometimes historical liberties will be taken to save time and my sanity. I do like painting, but I enjoy playing more. Being 100% accurate isn't as important as getting things finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Well, I suppose that just about wraps that up. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to voice them at anytime. So, without more waffling I guess I'll get to what you really came here for!

So here we have some Uruk-hai. I've been a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings since I read the Hobbit at age ten or so and I love the films (for all their faults). Weta's work was absolutely astonishing, especially with the orcs and uruk-hai, so naturally an Isengard army was in order. I began with LotR, as I said above, and began with uruk-hai. My brother took Rohan and in the years since, all of my old miniatures have ended up with missing weapons and other injuries. Last year I picked up a box of uruk-hai from my FLGS because they were for sale at the old price (20 for $25? How could I pass up on that?). I painted these guys in December of last year and then a couple were done this week. I'm quite pleased with them. The bases are a darker brown in real life, but they're in focus at least! The one on the right had his pike snapped off in the box, so I took the head of a mace from one of the Perry's War of the Roses boxes to create a two handed weapon. I never really liked two handed weapons in the game, probably because I already roll low enough without the -1 penalty! Anyway, I really like the look of the Mordor uruk-hai, but don't want to shell out like five dollars per miniature. This is a good enough solution, I think!

Here are some Perry's War of the Roses pikemen. This is an absolutely lovely kit, a real pleasure to build and paint. This is actually the first time I put multiple figures on one base so that presented an interesting challenge. I painted them individually except for their shoes, which were finished after painting the sand. This is also the first time I used anything other than regular static grass on a base. I really like the variation the tufts provide. I'm also pretty happy with how they turned out. Because this is going to be a rather large army, I didn't take quite as long as I would If I were painting for a skirmish game. Taking two or three hours per figure is out of the question if I want to preserve my sanity! These guys will be pulling double duty as pikemen for King of War and Hail Caesar (which I haven't played yet..).

And here we have a picture of the backs. You can see the somewhat rushed work more clearly on the back. This particular unit will be increased to 40, so three more bases are in order.

Some 20mm Americans. These are the first moderns I painted back a couple years ago. The figures are from Elheim. They were painted fairly quickly because I want to get two forces done to demo Force on Force at the FLGS near my college. I have a Bradley Fighting Vehicle that's half-built to accompany these fellows. I have some soft plastic terrorists but I think I'll pick up some metal ones from Elheim for their opponents. I'll probably pick up around twenty of them, but I'm also interested in some Cold War Gone Hot action, so I may order Russians and West Germans/generic NATO troops. I'm also planning a board for use with Force on Force. It's currently just brown sand on a 4'x4' board, so that's hardly worth taking pictures of. But, expect pictures of that at some point in the future once it's a bit further along.

I'm currently building more Germans for Kursk (I seem to have misplaced the ones I finished earlier...) so I'll probably throw up some pictures to track my progress. There are also some more uruk-hai, some speed-painted Gondorians I'm working on, and then who knows what! Well, thanks for reading!