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Thread: The Battle of Istvaan V

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    The Battle of Istvaan V

    Hi all,

    Based on an idea that I got from another forum, that seems to have unfortunately fallen trough, I was wondering if anyone would fancy attempting a role playing game based on one of the most famous battles of Warhammer 40K lore: The Battle of Istvaan V, more commonly known as the The Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V.

    However, this RP, although taking place during the same event with the Traitor Legions of the Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, Death Guard and World Eaters entrenched on the surface of Istvaan V alongside the Legio Mortis Titan Legion, some things will be different.

    Firstly, the Traitor Legions not present on Istvaan V. Although they will retain the same numbers of 4 Traitor Legions and 3 Loyalist Legions in the fleet sent to crush Horus (or will they?), the actual Legions that turn traitor and indeed the actual Legions in the assault force itself are all able to be changed.

    I'll be RPing Horus and the Sons of Horus, and will be, for obvious reasons, the only person with the identity of all the Traitor Legions in the Imperium's assault force. As such, there will more than likely end up being a lot of carnage and backstabbing during the initial landings.

    Also, of major importance, are the numbers of the Legions at the time of the Dropsite Massacare. These are presented below, where they are known.

    The approximate sizes of a few of the Legions at the start of the Heresy have been given in various sources, and where these have been vague, I've given them a actual value. If the Legion doesn't have a size given by a valid source, I've given them a rough estimate for size.

    I - Dark Angels - 110,000
    II - [Records Destroyed, Unplayable]
    III - Emperor's Children - 50,000 [Due to Istvaan III]
    IV - Iron Warriors - 167,000
    V - White Scars - 90,000
    VI - Space Wolves - 130,000
    VII - Imperial Fists - 100,000
    VIII - Night Lords - 110,000
    IX - Blood Angels - 120,000
    X - Iron Hands - 113,000
    XI - [Records Destroyed, Unplayable]
    XII - World Eaters - 150,000
    XIII - Ultramarines - 250,000
    XIV - Death Guard - 95,000
    XV - Thousand Sons - 10,000 [Due to rampant mutations resulting from all being psykers.]
    XVI - Sons of Horus - 145,000
    XVII - Word Bearers - 150,000
    XVIII - Salamanders - 89,000
    XIX - Raven Guard - 80,000
    XX - Alpha Legion - [Estimated between 90,000 and 180,000. Alpha Legion player will be TGd number.]

    Strength of Titan Legions on Istvaan V:

    Legio Atarus (Command to be assigned)- 2 Reaver Titans, 3 Warhound Titans
    Legio Mortis (Under Sons of Horus Command):
    (Fortress Group)- 1 Emperor Titan (Dies Irae), 2 Warlord Titans, 2 Reaver Titans, 4 Warhound Titans
    (Concealed Group)- 1 Warlord Titan, 1 Reaver Titan, 5 Warhound Titans

    Istvaan V Traitor Legions

    Death Guard:
    Emperor's Children:
    Sons of Horus: Myself
    World Eaters:
    Total numbers: 145,000 Space Marines

    Loyalist Assault Force Legions (2/7)

    First Wave (2/3)

    Iron Warriors (GabrielSantar229)
    Raven Guard (Menthak)

    Second Wave (0/4)

    Total Numbers: 247,000 Space Marines

    Loyalty will be determined by 3 dice rolled by me and be PM'd.

    Currently I am not intending to advise all traitor forces of who their fellow traitors are. It will keep things interesting!

    So, if you're interested, please fill in the following app:

    Legion Name:
    Legion Number:
    Legion Primarch:
    Legion Heraldry/Armour Colour:

    I do appreciate that this forum is very quiet nowadays and that finding 11 people to play will probably be impossible, but hey - it's worth a shot!


    And, if it does prove to be popular enough that all places are filled, there is nothing to say that unexpected entrants to the fight may not show up!
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