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Thread: The Battle of Istvaan V

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    Re: The Battle of Istvaan V

    Hoping this isn't dead just yet *Fingers Crossed*. This section may be on its way out but hopefully the game can be the CPR it needs

    I would like to play, but I have a few questions about how it will be run before I throw myself into it.

    How are casualties going to be worked out? Is it based on dice rolls you make? Can we alter these dice rolls (if there are any) with skilled warriors or brilliant tactics? Are there locations we need to claim or is it a bit more of a free-form game?

    Worst comes to worst I am willing to play two or three Legions just to get the game going. I would much prefer the 4-5 guys played 11 Legions than there was no game at all.

    Anyway here is my (First, if necessary) Legion
    Legion Name: Emperor's Children
    Legion Number: III
    Legion Primarch: Fulgrim
    Legion Armour Colour: Purple, Black, and Gold
    Legion Heraldry: Grasping Winged Arm in Gold
    Attacking (Hopefully Second Wave)
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