Used a daemon last night that went a little something like this;

Mark of tzeench, Dread axe, stature, flight, resilence, rune, CCW, wind of chaos

I know DPs are good, so i decided my thousand sons army could use some CC oomph. I think a 3+ save and 5+ ivulnerable isn't that bad. So the dude killed a vindicator, 2 dreadnaughts, a good handfull of marines, and his HQ (glad i ignore invulnerable). Anyway he made up for his pts plus like 300 more. ( hardley ever shot at it) But the rest of the game he was like "that daemon prince is so cheap! if you didn't have him you'de probably lose...." It kinda pissed me off b/c the rest of my force has to always move is difficult terrain and the one piece that was excelling is "too cheap" - this coming from the guy who brings 3 vindicators, 3 dreads with assult cannons, 3 squads of 5 marines with 1 lascannon and 1 combi-plasma, and 2 landspeeders w/ ass cannons. so guys what do you think? Cheesy daemon prince, or bad sportsman ship on his half?