Recently I have been getting back into 2nd Edition 40K for a number of reasons that can best be summarised as:

1) Cost - armies are smaller, and thus cheaper to collect, and I already have every Codex and all the rules from when I started playing in 1996,
2) Nostalgia - I've played 2nd Edition on and off for almost 20 years now, but I've played more games of 4th and 5th Edition than any others... but I have a fondness for 2nd Edition that outweighs anything else.
3) Tactics - 2nd Edition rewards tactical play, use of cover, and objectives much more so than any of the 3rd Edition based sets that I have played. I mean - armour save modifiers!

Also, I have finally got a regular opponent who enjoys 2nd Edition. Together we've begun to build up 1,500 point forces to fight a campaign whereby the Dark Angels, on the trail of Cypher, fight the Iron Warriors for information regarding Cypher's possible whereabouts.

I managed to put together a 1,500 point Iron Warrior army from the contents of various bits boxes. Which was a bit of a shock. And here they are, so far:

Siege-Captain the Lord Kuhl Leng, commander of the 6th Cohort of the Iron Warriors' 12th Grand Company. He wears terminator armour and is armed with a power mace and combi-bolter. Driven, violent, and cruel. Pays lip service to all the Dark Powers equally.

Qorl Vayne of the Nine Tongues, Sorceror-Librarian of the 6th Cohort. Adept of Tzeentch, walking the path of the Changer of the Ways.

Barabas, Equerry to Lord Leng, bearer of the Warp Banner. The flayed skin that he wears across his chestplate was a gift from the Skintaker after Barabas assisted him in becoming leader of Anvil Squad. Some whisper about the undue influence that this link may give the Skintaker with Lord Leng.

Next... the Squads!