The thread on scenarios got me to thinking about how WHFB (and my fine, fine game Conqueror ) could use something like that.

Now I am well aware that WHFB has scenarios, but they strike me as rather poor.

The main reason is that they fail to take terrain into account.

Terrain in WHFB is generally random, which I think is rather silly. As I look at scenarios other than Pitched Battle for my own game, it seems to me that terrain should play a role.

If one side holds a commanding position, the other should be compensated with points. Similarly, a river crossing could make for an interesting but otherwise unbalanced scenario.

I also think that a mechanism to incorporate flank marches into the "standard" battle (that is, not as a scenario but rather an option) is worth looking at.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the Pitched Battle. No two are alike, but for those speciality games, I think more is required.