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Thread: Changes to Warhammer in 2015 - aka "The Spanish Rumours"

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    Changes to Warhammer in 2015 - aka "The Spanish Rumours"

    [Disclaimer: I do not believe the following rumours to be true. However, they showed up multiple times over the last months, and many people want to discuss them.]

    Yes, I actually changed my opinion. These rumours show up again and again, and rather than derailing other threads, they can be better handled in a thread of their own. My apologies to everybody who felt being treated unfairly about this in the last months.

    As to those infamous "Spanish rumours":

    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderwolf View Post
    A rumour from a spanish site (found here: )

    They were the first to mention a release of Nagash / End Times campaign (May 29th), but did so in a context saying that this End Times campaign would be the lead to a closure of "Warhammer" (presumably WFB, not 40K), followed by a subsequent new skirmish game (presumably fantasy-ish-themed) in 2015
    For the original wording (in Spanish, D'Oh!) and a translation of your own choice, please follow the link in the quote.

    Similar is the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by cazzz669 View Post
    So, just got off the horn with a contact at GW who apparently has just come out of a briefing regarding the future of WHF
    in May 2015 after the End of Times WHF will become a skirmish game centered around surviving warbands after the "armegeddon" of the fantasy world as a result of the End of Times.
    Chaos decimate the Empire
    Nagash and co decimate Brettonia
    Ulthuan sinks
    there will be less army books than currently ( no idea if this means imalgimation armies )

    appreciate I do not post very often so will doubtless recieve a whole load of flame for this post BUT given i literally just got told it, thought some people here would appreciate me sharing..
    Personally I hope to god this is all incorrect
    Again, and as said elsewhere: I don't believe these. If they turn out to be true however, I'll have some apologies to do.
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