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Thread: up coming Heresy books & FW European Open Day

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    up coming Heresy books & FW European Open Day

    Hi guys, my first rumour post, just got back from comic con London and spent some time chatting to the forge world guys. dont know if this is news or been reported on already, but we were discussing my blood angels and when i would likely see them, so he was telling me how the next books release order were fluid and subject to change, i dont know whats next but coming up is a less legion based book with more guard focus and some other factions, Prospero which also included sisters of silence and custodians. Calth, and then a blood angels and dark angels combo book with two different campaigns. Picked up my Mechanicum bits and t-shirt so im happy, oh yea, t-shirts were limited print just for events but looking in to selling them online if demand is high enough after a year.
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