Apologies if you're already familiar with this through the Specialist Games posting...

I am in talks with Bob Naismith to produce replacement skeletons for the Warmaster Tomb Kings skeleton infantry. My goal is to have skeletons that actually look similar to the current GW Tomb Kings, rather than transplanted Vampire Counts skeletons. They will have some sort of headgear, kopesh weapons, large shields, etc.

At this early stage, I am in the process of getting to get Bob some design ideas, and he is on board with the project. Being so early in, I do not have a timeframe yet, but I anticipate early next year for availability.

I'm currently trying to gauge interest, so if you enjoy Warmaster, let me know if this would be something of interest to you. The main project thread will be on the SG forums, but if there is enough interest here, I'll also update this thread with progress.