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Thread: The origin of the Chaos gods... Dark Old Ones?

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    The origin of the Chaos gods... Dark Old Ones?

    Hi all,

    I recently god in a discussion about the origin of the warhammer gods, and it was suggested that the gods of the Elves and Old World are actually the Old Ones that had vanished when the polar gates collapsed. Some lines in the Lizardmen armybook seem to hint at this. How was this achieved? We had no idea, but it could be that somehow the Old Ones acended to a higher plane of existence, 'merging' with some emotion or aspect in the Realm of Chaos that was closest to their personality.

    Though there is hardly any evidence to support this theory, but to me it seems like a reasonable idea.

    However, this would cast doubt on the origins of the Chaos Gods. Af far as I know, the lore portrayed them causing the destruction of the warp gates, but I also read somewhere that they gained consciousness as the raw emotion of the trauma of the collapse of the polar gates coalesced.

    Could it be that the Chaos Gods became sapient when four 'fallen' or 'dark' Old Ones merged with the raw emotion that was most representative of themselves? Like how a bloodlusted Old One merged with the emotion of raw hate to become Khorne. The four Chaos Gods are often called 'brothers'. Perhaps the Old Ones that formed them were actual brothers themselves.

    Any thoughts on this?
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