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    Circle Orboros themed terrain for Hordes

    I have had a gaming table for some time now and I have a reasonable selection of Fantasy terrain, but I recently got an urge to update my collection. Some of the older pieces will be replaced and some new things will be added. The plan as it goes at the moment is that I'll paint some models for my Circle Orboros force (that's a Hordes faction for those unfamiliar with it) and then make a couple of pieces of terrain, and then repeat. Hopefully this should motivate me to make progress in both these areas.

    The Plan
    I'm not a fan of making too many long term plans, as this can end up feeling a bit overwhelming. However, I know that want to make a set of ruins, a set of buildings and some fortifications (defensive walls, earthworks or trenches).

    I want to make the terrain at least somewhat themed towards Circle Orboros. The Circle are a semi-celtic faction that mostly live out in the wilderness, so the terrain will be semi-westen European in style and mostly rural. They also have a bit of a high tech edge to them, involving only rocks. And also levitation. So they have floating rocks and machines (including golems) made from rocks.

    Completed things
    • 4 scenario zones (2 round and 2 rectangular)
    • 3 flags and 2 objectives
    • 6 medium size hills
    • 3 ruins (2 medium, 1 large)
    • 3 fences
    • 1 forest
    • 4 sections of earthworks / trenches (2 straight, 2 curved)
    • 2 areas of rough terrain
    • 2 buildings (1 large, 1 medium)

    Avian's Terrain Tips
    1. Wood - Use actual wood as it has better texture. Thin sheets of balsa are great for covering larger areas. Popsicle sticks or coffee stirrers can be used for smaller pieces, but I wouldn't want to panel a wall with them, so reserve for smaller add-ons, supports etc. Score into the wood with a knife or sharp-edge file to give impression of planks.
    2. Painting wood - Use wood stain as the base as it won't obliterate the texture. Drybrush with various browns. Remember that aged wood always has a bit of grey in it.
    3. Height of buildings - About 6 cm between floors is good.
    4. Removable roofs - Generally not worth it.
    5. Doors - 25 mm wide and 40 mm high. Use 1 mm plasticard for hinges and decorative bits. Helmet horns frequently make good door handles.
    6. Windows - 20 mm wide and high. I often cut out the windows and then stick a plate painted matt black a little distance behind it, to give the impression of depth without having to paint the entire inside of the building.
    7. Staircases - Make the sides first out of strips of wood. Glue on supports for the steps, making sure they are in the same position on each side. 7.5 mm is a good step height. Then make all the steps, and sand them to make sure they are the same width (25 to 30 mm). Start by gluing in the top and bottom step, then fill in the others.
    8. Rocks - Consider using actual rocks. They are free, and often look better than trying to make them from foam.
    9. Stone walls - Blue foam is great, white foam is not. Cut to shape and then draw on rocks with a pen. Carve into the rock with a hard scultping tool, a knife or a soldering iron. To get a good texture, press actual rocks into the surface.
    10. Height of hills - I prefer 3 cm, with about 60 degree sides and a flat top. Limits the places where models tip over.
    11. Hot wire cutter - Make your own with a 6 V car battery charger, some resistance wire (total resistance of about 1 ohm) and some wood for the frame. Remember to use it outside because of fumes and use safety glasses.
    12. Vines - Use thing (green) floral wire, coated in super glue and dipped in medium flock. Leave the glue to dry, then bend into shape.
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    Painting Log - Circle Orboros - Warpwolves FTW!
    Terrain Log - Circle Orboros themed terrain for Hordes

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