I was just reading the 'Eldar rumours round up' when I noticed that the last post mentions a potential new Warlock model with a Grynx, and very nearly bit through my spoon (it's not a euphamism, I eat cereal when I'm on the net).Reason being, I've recently put the finishing touches to a long running concept SM army list, including Librarians accompanied by Grynx (whatever the plural is), secure in the smug knowledge that very few players will remember these RT-era felines, and thus lend an extra bit of unusual character to my custom chapter. ****.

Point is, this isn't the first time I've had an idea for a conversion/new unit/special rule, only to see it crop up a short time later as an 'official' model/unit/rule. (Most memorable example is when I finally got round to completing my metal Ravenwing landspeeder, complete with twin linked asscannons and heavy bolter, only to pick up the new DA codex and see....Master of the ravenwing with twin-linked asscannons and heavy bolter).

I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Maybe some examples....

No bragging or 'I woz robbed' stories please.