The Deathwing campaign was fun. If you think SM's have it too easy in the latest versions of he game, this mission can change your opinion (because you get no area/movement denial capability). Fun is the Halberd supported by an Apothecary and the Standard Bearer.

Yes, the missions are updates of ancient ones plus rules found in WD's. Hey, SH V3 and V4 are updates of a 25 year-old game. The missions are tailored to fit a standard termie squad (Dark Vengeance) plus a Command/Knights/Terminator box (they are all the same). And, an interactive command display. Not a bad contribution, but not a cheap one, either.

The Ultramarine and SW missions are similar. The Ultramarine squads are completely generic except for the addition of a Cyclone Missile Launcher. And, the SW mission is tailored to their boxset.