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Thread: WFB roleplay - The Blood Peak

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    Re: WFB roleplay - The Blood Peak

    Ho friends! I am Lyon Kiir and I'd be glad to join yer little crusade,if just one thing y'see I'm kind of on the run yer, should be movin' right now. Y'see if ye couldn't tell by me uniform I'm from ye Ostland pike, but y'see the other morning the blitherin' Jagger captain was found with a pike in his back. I reckon it was one o' them Kurgen that done im in , but it turns out it was me own bloody pike rammed up his fundament. So run I did an 'ere I am.

    Yer tales of riches sounds like just what I need to get me to Tilea or some'thin. So ye can count me in my Lord.
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