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Thread: Rules for really old Epic Eldar miniatures

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    Rules for really old Epic Eldar miniatures

    Hi there, I have some incredibly old Epic Eldar miniatures going as far back as the 2nd edition.
    I have the original Falcons, Wave Serpents, Warp Hunter, Deathstalker (remember that one?)
    Nightwing, Doomweaver, Tempest and Revenant Scout Titan. I have their newer replacements too
    but I still like these old minis and want to use them in my epic games. Has anybody given these
    old classics new names and written new rules and fluff for them? They still look very much Eldar and
    are suitably different in most cases (e.g. the Falcons and Wave Serpents) to count as entirely different
    vehicles. What do you guys think?
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