Some people may recognize me from The Chamber, so nothing new to see you in here :b
This blog shows my works that are finished (but unpainted), go get more glory in modelling community!
These works what I've done are made since 2010/11--->
I began this hobby in 2006. Since then I've build various fantasy armies, but mainly Hordes of Chaos. I'm a converter, not much player (yet) or painter (that's why my many models are unpainted, before I'll get inspiration to learn painting & highlighting). I'm also a self learned drawing "artist", which I may show here (but mainly in CoE).
Myself? I'm just a history student from Finland, who has too much free time in university.

Nurgle giant

Dovahkiin-ogre, Festus-ogre and Scottish ogre

Devourer from Savage 2

Random chaos beast. Spined chaos beast?

Nurgle lords

Chaos siege giant

Combo warshrine...

...and chariot.