The Puppet Master.

I'm a rapist, poisoner, Serial killer, slaver, tourturer, manupilator, and verbal abuser. Like the stars for the great general, they are my pride titles that belongs to me, the Puppet master. Psychologist, psychiatrist, and the court system stated that I am narcissistic, psychopathic, egotistic, and megalo maniac with a god like complex. The community just think that I am evil.

As I ponder in my isolation unit awaiting my electric chair, I can't help but to feel sorry for my self....
How misunderstood I am. How the world do not appreciate a gift like me to entertain their pathetic boring lives. How I love my subject with pleasure and pain and how I release them from this world with an artistic knife stroke. I am the gate keeper of souls, the grim reaper, the angle of death, and puppet master. Any of my subjects that stayed in my dungeon never really appreciate my attention and time and investment that I have given them. The music of their aganising scream and the beauty of their wounds and surffering Feeds me and excites me. I get hard thinking about them. Nobody understand that I appreciate their surffering and I need to do this or I would have killed my self a long time ago. It is a necessity or I would not be living. I am a god and they are my toys....

My most favorite deeds was to rape them and infect them with my HIV, my kiss of death. Oh no, those ones...I let live and I release them to pass on my legacy of brutality ...hahaha. HIV is not a burden, it is a blessing. It reminds you that your clock is ticking fast and go enjoy your life now! It toughen your mind and forced you to be stronger or die. It was my turning was the day that the Puppet master was born.

I also enjoy the scheme of office politics and rumors that I caused.... I would never forget my boss's face when his wife ask for a divorce over some hooker and a video that I planted.

Oh the entertainment and excitement that I gave them....the lives that I've touched, the changes in their lives that will last... Haha.

My most pride and joy is my skulls collection that the idiot cops haven't found by the lake house. Those guys .... Those warriors ( because i respect them) that I killed, it was real sport. I kidnapped them and release them in the wild... I had to hunt them and even risk my life catching them again in the warrior almost got away and left me with a scar.

If only they understand that everything that I did was a necessity..... I am a god to them. They are nothing but sheep. It is my right to slaughter the weak lambs. They label me as evil and compare me to other serial killer loosers. How wrong they are. How can I ....the self made god, the chosen one, the.....

It's time..... , soon I will be a new god….

- - - - - - - -

That was my analogy of why Chaos gods are evil.