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Im also have a doubt about gotrek canon, seen the 9 and 10 book(orc slayer and manslayer) deals with archeron invasion of the old world, to the point Gotrek goes into a PSD when he miss the siege of middleheim, so everything that happen in those book is now non canon thanks to End times, dosent it?
The Gotrek "canon" is all over the place compared with the rest of the setting. The timeline was off even when the books were first published, by about ten years, and the opportunity was never taken to correct it either when the series was revived in 1999 or after Nathan Long took it over and inserted an IC gap. (Specifically, the Gotrek novels - in common with all the early Warhammer novels for some reason - have Karl Franz coming to the throne in 2492, whereas every other source uses 2502). I think at this point Gotrek and co. effectively exists in their own continuity which occasionally intersects with the main one.