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Thread: Speculations on who joins Malekith or Tyrion (some spoilers)

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    Speculations on who joins Malekith or Tyrion (some spoilers)

    Basically what the title says, which characters do you think will join the Court of the Phoenix King, and which ones will join the Aestyrion?

    So far, according to leaks and spoilers, we know the following characters' allegiances:

    Court of the Phoenix King:
    Malekith, obviously
    Caledor Dragontamer

    Tyrion, obviously
    Hellebron? (the Khainite units join so I assume she does)
    Tullaris? (same reason)

    And then my personal speculations are:

    Court of the Phoenix King:
    Kouran - one would think the only Elf Malekith trusts would also join him
    Naestra & Arahan - seems most Wood Elves have sided with Malekith after Alarielle and Orion did, but they could still join the Aestyrion blaming the death of their mother on Alarielle
    Araloth - similar reasons to Naestra & Arahan, but might join the Aestyrion because his personal Goddess tells him to. Option C has him join neither side because he's busy in the Realm of Chaos, and instead only joins the 3rd 'survivor' faction

    Shadowblade - due to Khainite allegiances, but may decide to join Malekith due to having divided loyalties)
    Alith Anar - due to his hatred of Malekith and the Dark Elves, but would not be surprised to see a change of heart / crisis of faith during the final battle
    Drycha - general behaviour has her suit the style going for the Aestyrion, and she hates Ariel
    Malus Darkblade - haven't read his books, but doesn't he hate Malekith? Also, with the reveal that Chaos caused the Elves to decide not to let Malekith become King, I can imagine the Daemon in his sword tempting him into actions to oppose Malekith
    The Phoenix Kings - I can imagine any of the Phoenix Kings that come back to life will oppose Malekith, especially if they learn that Asuryan drove them mad or led them to death

    The only one I'm not really certain about is Lokhir Fellheart. Don't really know enough about him to determine where his loyalties would lean.

    What do you guys think?
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