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Thread: Bikes - a success story?

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    Bikes - a success story?

    During my 13 years in this game (I switched to 40k during 3rd), I can't recall any unit types getting the treatment that bikes have received.

    1) Gaining turbo boost (making bikes and jet bikes faster than fast vehicles
    2) Gaining jink save
    3) Gaining true toughness (pretty darn awesome boost to characters!)
    4) Gaining hammer of wrath (auto hits in close combat anyone?)
    5) And lately seeing massive price cuts

    This on top of other cool rules that bikes already enjoyed. Like the luxury of firing all kinds of guns counting as stationary. And what price do they pay? Then can't go to ground. Big deal. But in the meantime, has any other unit type got nearly as many powerful buffs?

    Edit: And another super awesome benefit of being a bike. It tends to and to your armour save. For some reason a squishy T3 5+ space elf on a jetbike gains MEQ status on top its 48" movement. Not bad.
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