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Thread: The notion of Elven Gods and cult units [ET spoilers!]

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    The notion of Elven Gods and cult units [ET spoilers!]

    Greetings fellow Seers,

    After reading ET: Khaine, and lamenting over the fate of Ulthuan :cries:, I stumbled upon the problem of certain units in the Host of the Eternity King army list.

    We know that the Cycle has finally been broken. Some of the Gods died, while others were left unmentioned or suffered a different fate to the one mentioned in the Rhana Dandra. As such I have two questions ofr us to consider and hopefully someone can help me understand what are the implications of ET: Khaine.

    1. What happened to some of the Elven Gods?
    - Atharti. Is she really Hellebron? If so, Atharti was supposed to die along with her sister (Hekarti/Morathi), yet she has suriveved the events of ET: Khaine.
    - Hoeth, the God of Wisdom. He was left totally unmentioned. What was his role in the Rhana Dandra? For a minute I thought that maybe Finreir, Bellanaer or Teclis will be mentioned as his incarnation but it was left unresolved.
    - Loec. Nothing mentioned at all. Ideas?
    - Morai-Heg. Combined with Ereth Khial? I have no idea what happened here.
    - Nethu. Imrik mentioned he played his role in the Rhana Dandra. Does it mean he is an aspect of the God, or merely he reanacted the role set in the Cycle?

    2. The fate of the Gods and Cult Units in the Host of the Eternity King.
    With most of the Gods dead, how will Cult units function and draw their power?
    - How will the Pheonix Guard function with Asuryan dead? Will they be able to speak or foresee the future? Everything that made then unique and awe-inspiring should know vanish.
    - What about all Khaine-centred units? Witch Elves, the Cauldron of Blood and Hellebron for that matter? They should lose the blessing of khaine (-1A +1 Intelligence ).
    It seems unfluffy to use those units on the battlefields now.

    Speaking of which, it'll be interesting to see if what GW does with the naming of Elven Units if the End Times become the main timeline for the 9th edition. Ellyrian Reavers? Dragon Princes of Caledor? White Lions of Chrace, Swordmasters of Hoeth? All meaningless now.

    Cheers, and thank you for reading and any shared ideas!
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