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Thread: The Bloodsports of Hub OOC

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    The Bloodsports of Hub OOC

    In the extreme future in a distant galaxy, there is a planet called Hub. On Hub, all work is done by machines, and all the 'people' live very rich and easy lives. However, they are also bored. To allay this boredom, one of the media moguls created a pay-per-view reality show where two fighters duke it out to the death for enjoyment. These are usually captured slaves.

    But these aren't any normal battles, no. To arm them, the mogul in question has made use of inderdimensional portals to get and exotic weapons for them to use. This makes the fights more interesting. As well, other...interruptions, and a shifting environment keeps the battles fresh.

    The battles are to the death, but there is no freedom in death, for afterwards, the dead are revived, to fight again. And again, and again, and again. The combatants remember every death, and the scars of their wounds never go away. They fight until they eventually become insane. No one knows what happens to them then...

    But the populace doesn't care, they are too lazy and entertained to care.

    Welcome to your new life on Hub! You will be playing freshly recruited gladiators for the battles on Hub. You will train and interact with each other in the IC, but the actual battles will take place in a separate thread (so as to not clutter the IC). Two characters engaged in battle will not be talking in the IC, and the battle will not end until one combatant lies dead.

    But death is no excuse to stop fighting, for you are revived shortly after and thrust back into the dungeon to await your next bout. Will you make friends? Should you, even? For any one of them could be forced to fight you, and one of you must die every time.

    How the battles themselves work is that there is no autohits, for one (except for GM purposes), and the defender says if the hit occurs and how it affects them. As well, every few rounds the battle goes on...something will happen. It might be something summoned to interfere, such as Canon characters from fiction, or traps, or animals, or the battlefield shifting. To keep the battles fresh and interesting, of course. But the fight will go on until one (or both, in rare cases) dies.

    Weapons: Weapons are divided into certain types. A random one of their major and sometimes minor favored types is given to them at the start of each battle. It is assumed that the combatants can use any weapons of their chosen types. Not always well, but well enough.

    These weapons also come into two sub-types: Named and Generic. Generic weapons are ones that, in any given universe, are used widely, or not tied to a specific character. A Named weapon is tied to a specific character, and is more powerful than a generic weapon.

    However, this comes with drawbacks. A portion of the original owner's consciousness is imprinted on the weapon, and the more it is used, the more it affects the gladiator using it, to the point that it may take them over entirely. If a character gets a named weapon, he may use it battle after battle if he chooses until he relinquishes it.

    Weapon types:

    Edged weapons
    Piercing weapons
    Blunt weapons
    Heavy Firearms (machine guns, rocket launchers, etc)
    Fist weapons
    Magic weapons (staves, wands, rods, anything that uses 'magic' or some sort of magic-like energy to work)


    Age: (the youngest that can be is 13 for males, and 15 for females)
    Race (fantasy or sci-fi races accepted)
    Appearance: (picture, words, or both)
    Major weapon focus:
    Minor weapon focus:


    Accepted characters:
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