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    Re: History of Malekith

    Quote Originally Posted by Invincible Sword Goddess View Post
    I was having a conversation the other day when I mentioned that the concept for Malekith king of the Dark Elves was ripped off from Thor comic books. My friend argued that if anything it was the other way around because Malekith was present in the very first edition of Warhammer in 1983, while the comic book wasn't published until 1984. In either case, he claimed, the character of Malekith was originally from the old Norse Sagas, which is where both GW and Marvel got the idea (this is something I find hard to swallow because the word Malekith appears to be romantic in origin).

    Does anyone know when Malekith first appeared in a GW product? Does anyone know what, if any, mythological origins this character has?

    Malekith was first mentioned in 1992 I believe. As for the mythological roots, the only similarities either Malekiths have with the Sagas is that they come from races called Dark Elves and they both ripped off the title of Thrainn the Witch King from the saga of Hromund Gripsson, who was a Draugr and therefore has more in common with the likes of Nagash.
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