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Thread: [Unmarked Spoilers] End Times: Let's talk about everyone's plans

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    [Unmarked Spoilers] End Times: Let's talk about everyone's plans

    With 3 End Times books, there have emerged four major competing plans on how to resolve the situation.

    Major Plans

    Archaeon & Chaos Plan: Chaos victory and over run the entire world.

    Nagash Plan: Become a god, end all life, and banish Chaos from the world.

    Good Victory - Teclis: Harness the winds of magic to create mortals bound with those magics to replace the vortex and drive back the forces of Chaos.

    Exodus Plan: Start anew on another world. This one can't be saved, it's time to grab whatever isn't nailed to the floor and get the hell out of dodge. This is being pursued by the Elven Gods as well as the Lizardmen.

    Plans in Motion Not Fully Explained

    Skaven Master Plan: No one knows what the hell this is. However as the skaven aren't included in the Chaos unified lists, it looks like they are making their own play. Possibly the Horned Rat is looking for full Chaos God status. Either way, it probably involves a really huge bomb or death ray.

    Dwarf God Plan: The Dwarf god's have yet to play their hand. Really all that's guaranteed is that it involves Gotrek killing someone really powerful and evil. The likely candidates being Nagash, Bel'akor, and Archaeon.

    Tzeentch's Plan: Tzeentch looks like he helped manipulate Nurgle into exhausting all of his forces to pave the way for the invasion. Kraos Fateweaver is also in direct communication with Archaeon. There's ever chance Tzeentch has a super crazy plan to screw over all of the other chaos gods and get everything for himself.

    Orc, Goblin, Ogre, Khorne Plan: Really not so much a plan as who they going to smash into first and beat the crap out of. None of these factions seem to care one way or the other except that they have a good fight.

    Failed Plans

    Manfred's Plan: He had the bright idea of sectioning off Sylvania into a perfect fortress, then he had the bright idea of consuming Nagash's power. He get's points for effort, but it's clear everything has blown up in his face. He's now Nagash's servant that might try somekind of betrayal.

    Morathi / Slaanesh Plan: Slaanesh almost managed to get into the world in the Khaine book and beat his brothers to the prize thanks to the efforts of Morathi. Teclis managed to succeed and Slaanesh couldn't get through the portal in time. Morathi is either coming back as a Daemon monster... or she's been consumed by Slaanesh for her failure. Either way it didn't go well.

    Nurgle Plan: Nurgle's plan to lead the invasion of the Empire and spill the Garden of Nurgle onto Altdorf, then the world was clearly his way of trying to beat everyone else to the prize. Thanks to the efforts of the Empire, Brettonia, and the Vlad that's been stopped.

    All Wood Elf Plans: The Wood Elf Plans of hiding in the forest have completely failed. Also Druthu's plan of screwing over the Wood Elves has only led to things getting worse (Nagash Rising), the forest getting totaled, and now even more elves are coming to stay in the forest.

    So who's plan do you think is going to work and who seems to have the better plan for surviving / winning the end times?
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