Hi! (and sorry for my poor English...)

I've been thinking about for at least a couple of months and I want to ask ask people about this new rule:

My idea is to create a "Lvl.2 Magic", that the wizard can cast just a few times in the battle, 'cause it's more powerful than the "Lvl.1 Magic" (the rules one's). I thought about a possible restriction is to pay 2 will points at least each spell, so they would use the free point AND one of his basic will points. I've not really thought about the spells, but my idea would be some spells like the one that Gandalf uses in ROTK videogame, that throws enemies to the ground arround him. The limited use of this spells would mean he should use them wisely.

What do you think? It's a good idea? It would be better if we try to de the spells together, and more funny. If you have an idea, post it. I think it could be fun. After this, we would play with the new rules. This is for the ones, like me, who love magic. See you!!