Please note that there is a poll, but read this post first before voting.

I wondered what the different opinions are on how to model SM Droppods. There are two options: either glue doors shut, or leave them movable. I'm of the "I don't want movable parts on my miniatures" fraction, but of course I'm aware that in the case of Droppods you have to keep ingame considerations in mind. Such as line of sight being different, as well as "how is it supposed to shoot if the doors are still closed?". I guess there are different views around:

  • I keep the doors open, end expect the same from others - basically the "gameplay is more important" point of view
  • "I keep the doors open, but don't really care how others handle it"
  • "I keep the doors shut, and never had problems with it"
  • "I keep the doors shut, but had arguments over this in the past"

If you vote, please do so as if you were in the position of an SM player (i.e. used Droppods yourself). I'm also interested in anecdotes, house rules, tournament rulings as well as all kind of thoughts about this. As always: please keep the discussion constructive and civil.