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Thread: How do you defeat Smaug?

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    How do you defeat Smaug?

    Now as the rules for Smaug are available, I wonder how he can be defeated.

    His rules in a nutshell: he is strong, he is hard, he is fast and can fly over difficult terrain or obstacles. He is durable and has neverending will for some spells and a murderously ranged attack. And he can't be trapped. Against Dwarves he is even better.

    So I wonder how to do it? The obvious choice would be Bard with his Windlance. But the evil player knows of course how effectiv it is, so Bard will be the first target. After he is finished, you have lost your best weapon and a third of your points...

    I think magic attacks will be of little use, bows are a little bit too weak, and in close combat Smaug seems to be difficult to catch.

    Any suggestions how it can be done best?

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    Re: How do you defeat Smaug?

    Run a 699 point game
    There may be a minimum model count, at least there used to be, and once below 50% of your starting force you have to take courage tests. Eventually he will fail, might take a while but it will happen. Even elves roll snake eyes.
    Otherwise you can take high fight, high might models and call heroic strike each turn with one of them, using might to wound. Aragorn, Boromir etc. AT strength 4 you need a 6/4 to wound D9. Starting at S7 you only need a 5, at S5 a 6.
    Also, lots of shooting, strength 3 or higher if you can, heroes with bows. You can get multiple avenger bolt throwers, dwarf ballistas etc.

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    Re: How do you defeat Smaug?

    Black Arrow.

    ... what?

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