Hello Everyone,

In my quest for more board games to play I've stumbled across Carcassonne. I have found that I like strategic Euro games a good bit. I am wondering if Carcassonne would be a fit for me. After watching a few "how to" videos it does seem pretty fun. So I have several questions which I will break down here:

1. As someone who loves and owns Power Grid, is this game for me? Should I get it or does it get kind of boring after a while?
2. How do I assuage people to try this game? The actual theme of the game isn't that exciting, but I like it and other strategy games more so for the strategic element and pseudo-economic theme.
3. Kindly talk to me about the expansions. I know on zmangames they are selling big boxes of Carcassonne for $75. I don't know if they're worth it or even which box (there's more than one) to get! Its all rather confusing.

Thanks in advance!