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    End Times: Archaon

    Since I know quite a few people don't visit the other rumour forums, Darnok posted this delicious titbit in the CSM thread:

    "I have waited for somebody else to bring it the following up. It is an example for "new users" sometimes bringing in exactly the right news. The original source for this is Dakka²:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sad Panda
    In the last week of March, GW will release a Codex for Khorne Warbands/Hordes.

    It combines Khorne-themed CSM and daemon units. Formations, etc..

    It is a one-week release with no new miniatures released for this new codex as such (but Zerkers, in all their old miniatures-glory, are actually in the Codex, no WD spin-offs).

    The main purpose of this khorne codex is to ride in the slipstream of End Times 5, which will be released earlier in march, with the "headline"-release of the new Bloodthirster (builds 3 variants).

    There is no "main" Codex CSM in 2015. There are no nurgle, tzeentch, etc. equivalents to this khorne one planned (yet), as it's mostly an End Times add-on to make the new Bloodthirster with all its variants work in 40K.
    As far as I'm informed, this is 100% correct. New Bloodthirster, yeah! "
    Also we seem to have a new unit coming in!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    The bloodthirster apparently looks great with various head and weapon options. The Archaon book will bring some more khorne stuff with a new unit as well.
    New info from Faeit 212. Apply with caution as always, but rumours are rumours.

    via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
    I wanted to restate that Archaon is on his steed on the cover of book 2, but its not a new model. There are other characters I have seen briefly, like
    -Grimgor, Incarnate of Beasts. The model shown is the same as the current model.
    -Balthasar, Incarnate of Metal. Same model again as is current

    New models I have seen, include a kit that makes three bloodthirster models. These are in the book and are different Monster (characters). They range from 400-550pts.

    Taken from memory they are
    -Headmen of Khorne with Wrathaxe and Bloodflail standing on flames leaping into the air
    -Unfettered Fury with Axe and Whip standing on the ground
    -Reaver of the Bloody Path with two handed great axe standing leaping high on flames

    Also two new units with new models
    -Skullreapers: The Chosen of Khorne with 2 handed swords and other weapons
    -Wrathmongers: The Bringers of the Bloodstorm with chain like flails
    There's stuff popping up on BOLS

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Citadel View Post
    The Plastic Bloodthirster is real.

    Kit makes three models a normal bloodthirster with whip and Axe of Khorne, one wielding a monstrous two-handed axe, third has a doubleheaded axe and super long chain flail. The wings are really big - the model is almost as big as Nagash, and is extra tall. It is sculpted on top of a flickering flame. There are three different heads with different types of horns and helmets. Large armoured hooves, thigh straps, regular upper body strapps and gladiator kindof armour. Super muscular, like a super ripped world's strongest man mixed with a Khorne daemon.
    And the same guy on Spikey Bits

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Citadel View Post
    Archaon is indeed book five of the End Times, and will be new models coming too.

    It will be released sometime in March. Book one has an artist's rendering of Archaon weilding the Kingslayer on the cover and Book two's cover is a very nice picture of the current model of Archaon.

    The book concentrates on the forces of Khorne, however Orcs and Goblins finally make their appearance in End Times and Grimgor is featured heavily in this book (with rules).

    All eight of the Incarnates are revealed, including some BIG surprises on a Shakespearean level.

    I talked about the blood thirster recently, but there are more units coming too. Khorne will also be getting Skullreapers, and Wrathmongers.

    The Skullreapers look like the Khador Doomreavers with tall doublehanded halbreds, and the Wrathmongers resemble miniature humoid versions of the Lord of Skulls, but with leather armour.
    This is getting partial confirmation for one of our local rumour dudes:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthurius11 View Post
    Captain citadels discription of the bloodthirster is pretty much what I have been told about it, multiple head and weapon options and leaping of the base on flames and the names of the khorne units are what I have heard also.

    I am not sure if Skarbrand will dual kit with the bloodthirster, no one has told me this is happening just that there will be a bloodthirster model and Skarbrand will be coming at some time also.
    More via Faeit

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigman View Post
    Massive amounts (truckloads of salt---plane loads) but I thought I'd post it because of the level of detail involved, plus with formations and forces being a part of Thanquol.

    via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 bear that in mind!

    Here is a little more about Endtimes Archaon that I have seen. This is not complete, and I wish I had a better look at these. sorry. This is as much as I can get.

    Sigvald has some great battle and is featured in the background.

    The Legion of Flame
    Vritch the Curseling
    The Azure Princes
    The Fireborne
    The Crowfane Horde
    Sons of the StormDark

    Fiends and Betrayers
    Drycha and Coeddil
    The Carnival of Silence
    The Cult of the Blood Queen
    The Wildkin

    The Blood Hunt
    3 Named Greater Daemons- BloodThirsters I mentioned earlier
    The Huntsguards
    The Hounds
    The Barbadax

    The Berserker Onslaught
    Character I Cant recall
    Valkia the Bloody
    The Skullrage
    The Goremongers

    Defenders of the Dead and Buried
    Vlad Von Carstein
    Mannfred Von Carstein
    Lothor Harkon
    Captain Drekla
    The Drakenhof Templars
    The Nosantra, Mannfreds Lieutenants

    The Stolen and the Rotten
    Isabella the Accursed
    The Nameless
    The Legion of Soulblight
    Pusregnant the Glorious -not spelled right
    The Dominated Dead

    The Host of Life
    Alarielle incarnate of life
    The Everguard
    The Ashenhawks
    The Sisters of the Eternal Grove
    Neastra and Arahan
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