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Thread: Do you think GW did a decent expansion on Tolkien's world?

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    Do you think GW did a decent expansion on Tolkien's world?

    Hi all I was reading an article the other day saying that The Lord of the Rings strategy battle game copped a lot of flak from fans over its interpretations of characters and units written about by Tolkien but never made it into the film. Or even things that were created by GW. A few units that seem to come up frequently are..

    The Swan Knights of Dol Amroth
    The named Ringwraiths
    The Haradrim forces from Far Harad
    The Variags of Khand


    Admittedly even when I used to frequent Warseer years ago in Lotr's hey day I never remember coming across these kind of controversies. I actually can't think of any models I would say trampled on Tolkien's legacy and I actually enjoyed the majority of the expanded fluff that GW invented.

    Did you ever come across these views or share them, I'm curious to know.

    NOTE: I realise that the Swan Knights, Variags and Trollmen of Far Harad are genuine Tolkien, I put them on the list because they seem to be frequently criticised by fans for some reason.
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