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    Roleplayers of Warseer Roleplaying Forums

    Look we all felt that impact from t-tauri and the Warseer Moderators doing what they thought was right and clearly, me included, we were guilty regardless of what we might think.

    Now I know I'm pretty livid myself, but I am pushing that aside in favour of actually trying to see if we can regain some sort of order. I chastised players of mudslinging and then I go right and do it inside the Pile of Limbs OoC. We don't need to let a show of force break us all apart now do we? We're mature people and as a forum we have developed as a Community.

    This might seem odd, but I am calling that each player take a step back like I am and will be doing, even though I am still wanting some questions answered, in which I believe Luthor's Shadow and RampagingRavener are actually trying to get answered, I want to think of the immediate Future of this Roleplaying Forum.

    Yes, we lost Archaic Abbatoir: Pile of Limbs and even though it was a really fun and invovling RPG, it did conflict with the views of Warseer and its rights. Recall we all agreed to these Guidelines when we joined this forum and even though the Roleplaying Forum is a rogue sub-forum, we are still subject to its rules. That much has been proven by t-tauri and his display. However, we have not lost Conflict of Interests, The Infection and Year of the Scorpion.

    There are still three RPGs out there that had players who may feel they were wronged by the Inquisition in the thread in question and I feel that we should not fall apart because of these actions. Perhaps, the Moderator can look more closely into this and actually take into account our pleas and our distress even though it conflicted with the Rule. That much I think we can ask for, but for now, we need to think of the Forum and its still active RPGs.

    So this is a shout out to the players to say that as a GamesMaster and Player for the past seven years (God don't I just feel old ), that perhaps we do need to watch our posts and keep some things in the clean as RampagingRavener and others have suggested. I don't want people to leave over something this silly as its true, I was outraged and livid, ask Luthor's Shadow and RampagingRavener if you don't believe me, but now there are other things to be concerned about.

    Its nearly Christmas and its also that time of Year where new begginings can and will happen. So I say we just put this event behind us and just move onwards and see what comes of it. I doubt the Moderators will be as serveve as they were with Piles and perhaps would be more willingly to offer warnings instead of outright banishment with future violations.

    So who's still out there and who just wants to roleplay and have fun? Things have not changed, we just need to remember restraint. Myself included

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