Is he back? He is not sure, but a round of Mafia and the insanity it brings is needed at least once a year with this forum. Lets see who will be fished out of the shadows only to be a willing slave of darkness or a mindless pawn sacrificed for a sinister purpose. Yes, you shall read on, and know he who scribes this, only wishes to unleash Insanity.


Here's a quick guide to a forum based Mafia. For more information on the actual game itself, please visit the wikki:

You are a civilian and your town is under siege by agents of a sinister cult that are taking people at night and sacrificing them. However after twenty-three victims, practically 2/3rds of the town, had been murdered and any hope of outside help being quashed with the head of the dead messenger being reversed delivered, the Priest has called for a Mob style lynching.

Each Day shall be broken into Day and Night.


During the Day, all the characters will meet at wherever the Priest has summoned everyone and you will all make strong cases to have a player lynched. The GM shall set a date with a time span of three real time days (based on US Pacific Time) and this will be the time you argue, debate, and nominate who you believe is guilty. When the time expires, the votes will be collected and the player with the most shall be lynched. In the case of a tie, there will be no lynching and in the ruling of no one being nominated, the GM shall reserve the right to either lynch a random player or allow the no vote. Just a warning.

Voting Format:

Please place all votes using this format: [b]VOTE = *Insert Player Name*[/ b] (minus the space between / and b)

-This is so I can scroll the thread and easily find your vote.


The Night cycle is where players with skills or abilities can choose to act. It is also when the Cult will act and take their next victim. During this time, No one alive may post in the IC Thread. Dead players can post, but only to 'bump' the thread, not spam. You will PM me your actions, choices, etc and once I have collected all the PMs or the deadline expires, I will post the results in the IC thread. Upon completion of a night phase, the next day will resume.


I will have a few special cards available to be rolled out and will not define those roles until I am sending out the PMs. When I send the PM, it will define your randomly assigned role and the nature of what is expected. If you are unclear with your role, please reply back and I will clarify as best as I can.


As with any game there are standard rules that are expected to be followed:

-Please Vote using the above standard
-Do not confer with other players over PM unless your character card clearly states you can
-Votes are forever and only your first vote will be counted. Clear speak: No Changing Votes
-Do NOT edit posts. (Even if you leave a typo please)

Any questions, ask in thread. If you are signing up, make it obvious

List of players:

The Insanity shall infest,

Luthor's Shadow