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Thread: 5th edition D&D and my return to roleplaying games

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    Re: 5th edition D&D and my return to roleplaying games

    I started my second D&D group last night, most of them have played several editions including pathfinder and I'm glad to report 5th edition was happily embraced by everyone. It keeps amazing me how well it flows and how the stripped back nature doesn't take anything away from the game. I've definatley caught the D&D bug again as it seems have quite a few others, someone on his shops blog said that 5th is out selling evry other RP system 2-1 at the moment. my only bit of feedback is that when the basic game adventure ends there's nothing official and pre-written that follows on the tyrany of dragons stuff restarts back at lvl 1 and my guys are already attached to their characters and there's no way they will want to start new ones.
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