hey i have recently started playing a radical inquisitor army that has three deamon hosts in it. When using them i was a bit dismayed to find out that these deamon hosts did not have the equivalent of a power weapon or a power that gave them the ability to ignore armour saves. Yet they have a power that increases their already high strength by a D3, but no rending ability or power weapon ability??????????????
I think this is a major flaw in the rules as the fluff that surrounds the deamon hosts (Eisenhorn--> Cherubael, Prophaniti) makes them out to be able to rip through power armour like it didnt exist while being super strong!!!!! now i know you are all going to scream but its balanced and you get stacks for the points you pay, but i would fork out another 5-10 pts for the rending ability or ignoring saves ability if it was always in play, and if it had to be a psychic power i think swap out the warp strength power as the host is already S6.

what do you think??????