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Thread: Dark Heresy: New group and first time GM.

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    Dark Heresy: New group and first time GM.


    Me and my friends want to try a RPG, like a couple of sessions.

    Ok, Let me tell you about me and my friends first. (That is; Me: A semi-professional film-director/actor, One Cosplayer, One Amateur Theatre Actor/Console Gamer, one Console gamer who's into acting and film and such, and maybe some more Gamers/actors).

    1: None of them knows anything about 40k (or at least the universe), which is good, since that prevents all this meta-knowledge stuff in a Dark heresy game.

    2: We're interested in testing Dark heresy (first edition), 'cause there are many RPG settings, but the only player who's outspoken, although liking the Chtulhu mood with sanity loss and mysteries and all, wants a grimdark dystopic future-setting. That player also showed interest in playing a sanctioned psyker, and the more I told about the dangers of being a psyker, the more interested the player got.

    3: We want to try some sessions of this, or maybe other, RPGs, before we decide if we want to find an experienced GM, and which RPG we want to play. In these Trial sessions, I'll be the GM.

    4: Although I'm into writing scripts and dramaturgy and am going to read this GM book called "Never Unprepared", I'm very new, and since I personally would want to play a Sister Militant, I'm having the idea of making an all sister militant team (Starting at the militant rank) (If we get five players we can have 1 superior, 2 bolters, 1 special and 1 heavy. Maybe even a sixth player as a priest), and put them on some fighting mission, like seven samurai style defence mission, BUT, I feel they want less action and more investigation, and I doubt they'd want to play sisters, especially the "in character" part. They are very not-sister like. (I'd however love to portray a sister). I don't think I even want to let them play sisters outside an All-sister warband. And I think they'd prefer to choose their own careers and personalities to portray. (I don't know whether they would want to be "Themselves: 40k", or if they, like me, want to go all in into hardcore "in character" roleplay, and really portray the character they play, making the choices the characters would choose rather than what they themselves would do in such situations. (I for instance would, assuming I wouldn't die instantly in the 41st millennia, most likely be a slaaneshi cultist, but, I can feel for a sister, and thus would really want to try to portray one)). Their lack of 40k background knowledge makes a good base for an investigation mission. It's not like they know who Slaanesh is. (Even tough I've painted the mark of slaanesh with booze on one of their foreheads and said "She Who Thirst blesses you!" while really drunk).

    _If you're skipping the wall of text, This is the important question_

    So I need some good ideas for some investigation mission for some low level characters, that has both social interaction, action, sanity loss/Corruption, Surprises (Like the small criminal gang happens to be part of a slaaneshi-worshipping cult, trying to summon daemons and such), and dungeon crawl cooperation elements. I can and will write a good(-ish) scenario, but I would love some tips on how to make it diverse, and mostly, how to make it neither too short nor too long (And absolutely not too slow). But I won't refuse any good ideas.

    [This unimportant part is just me venting out my and my friends frustration, it doesn't really contribute to the thread]

    The thing is, The guys at the game store which we visited where ever so helpful, flocking around my friends like moths, talking about all kind of RPGs (Arkham horror and Dark Heresy was the most popular/interesting for my friends), and they said that we could find a GM within seconds on local facebook RPG groups, (I had to quickly say that that's exactly the kind of GM we do not want). And one of the guys kept telling me that the RPG community needs more people like my friends, something I did not like to hear. My friends are humans, not pieces of meat/cattle for the RPG community to appreciate, and we found it very sexist that they got lots of attention and admirations. We hope to find a GM who doesn't treat my friends differently because they're all girls or has pre-assumptions ("Ooooh, they're girls! They probably want to play sisters!"). We'll probably have to talk to and screen each GM who shows interest.

    [Ratmen postures and voices] "Looooooooooove ussss!" "Beeeee our queeeeeeeeeeen!"
    (Me and my friends imitating such guys the day after.)
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